“After Easter”

We went and saw Tom Shadyac’s new documentary “I Am” on Easter night.  He is the director of cult comedies like “Ace Venture”, “Nutty Professor”, and “Bruce Almighty”.  This film is much different!  It’s powerful message capped off our Easter Sunday.  Check out the trailer by clicking here or below.

Shadyac documents the emerging story of our interconnectedness which technology is starting to describe in quantum like ways.  Science is starting to acknowledge our DNA is wired to cooperate not compete.

Then on this (Monday) morning, I listened to what Peter Rollins, a new social media acquaintance, had to say on Easter morning.  So poignantly he speaks of all the ways we deny the resurrection when we act like what we are separate from others.  Check out his message  by clicking here or below.

I wondered yesterday in my message what would be different “After Easter” this year.  Shadyac and Rollins put it together for me-I deny the resurrection every time I deny my connection to every living creature fashioned by the hand of God.

So, I laid my head down last night and asked myself the question, what would be different “After Easter” this year.  I experienced a simple revelation.  What would be different “After Easter” this year… ME!