Susan Boyle Kind of Church

Everyone has something to offer everyone else.  We all have gifts of the Spirit.

Susan Boyle surprised us because she was a homely Scottish woman who lived her whole life in poor, small village taking care of her mother, and had grown to forty-seven years and never been kissed.  She took YouTube by storm as she starred on the British version of American Idol.  When she opened her mouth to sing, what came out brought the whole crowd to its feet and a smile of joy to that chronic curmudgeon Simon Cowell.  She reminded us everyone has something to offer.   Click here to be inspired again by her mind blowing performance.

The church must make sure each of us and all of us have our chance to contribute to the fellowship of faith.  If there are persons who are not contributing then we are all hurt and at fault.  Churches full of people taking steps toward each so that everyone is able to offer their gifts; are churches who sing songs that surprise.

Don’t ever stop offering yourself waiting for something new or to change.  Volunteer where needed, call persons whom you have missed, write notes to the homebound or infirmed, go on a mission trip, join a choir, become hospitable, take a turn  caring for under-served children or  preschoolers or engage in any number of opportunities right near you.  Don’t just stand there; we need each other and God needs you.

Carve out wider clearing in the forest of your world; colonizing your part of the world for heaven’s sake.

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