Open Love Letter

Terri and I will celebrate one of our four children’s first wedding.  Tara and David will be wed this weekend.  We welcome into our family a new member- a son-in-law; but better yet a “good man” who loves our daughter very much.  We think they are lucky to have each other.

This high occasion in our lives has caused me to pause and think reflectively about the essence and energy of love.  I share these thoughts thinking of Tara and David; but they are words that speak to my love of Terri and perhaps they speak to you.

Getting married is like mailing a letter with irrevocable commitments.  That kind of passionate action causes us to lose ourselves in something bigger than ourselves.  Loved promised at that altar is marked by a kind of passion offered that moves beyond the point of no return.  The beauty of real passionate love will escape us if we are preoccupied in preserving self interests.  People who experience passion, are passionately self-forgetful.  They’re absorbed in the other, and not in themselves.  Love grows in giving ourselves to what is beyond us rather than fixate on what is near us.

To David and Tara: You will always be children to us no matter how old you grow.  I pray you will always remain child-like; for children have no problem with passion.  Children don’t worry about what others think of their passionate childish ways.  So, resist propping your feet up as the years go by; allowing the blood flow to slow in your relationship.  Always dance throughout your life like children twirling passionately in the wind.


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