Why SoloFide’?

question-markMany people have asked me in these recent weeks why SoloFide’? Why is the most basic question that can be asked of anything we do. So, let me try to answer the question why SoloFide’?

For nearly a decade, I along with you, have seen the numbers of people talking about faith in the church house gradually dwindle. That drift has caused many persons to wonder what might we do to create spaces where we can safely and constructively speak of faith in the public square. I have been playing with different ideas throughout this past decade. In my files are at least six different names and three business plans and webpages.

SoloFide’ came together this fall after spending time in Guatemala. For the first time, I Launchbelieved I had a real plan to bring the conversation of faith back into the public square. I acknowledge there is a big gap between a plan and bearing real fruit. Yet, I would never know if my plan would bear fruit if I did not take action.  So, action I am taking in launching SoloFide’ this week.  Let me know if you would like to join us at the Launch Party, January 30, 6:00 p.m.

The way SoloFide’ ignites the faith conversation in the public square is by fulfilling it’s mission of “Offering life-shaping experiences that meet real needs.” You can see how we accomplish that mission at the webpage http://www.solofide.org. My why became clearer while visiting with Mike Baughman of Union Coffee. His much appreciated tagline crystallized my answer to the Why SoloFide’? when he said SoloFide’ is for “Persons who spiritual and may be religious”.

Diverse PeopleSoloFide’ is coming alive to inclusively invite everyone to the table, the spiritual and religious. When we are all at the table we can have conversation about faith in a safe and constructive way. If its not safe inside the church to talk about all matters of faith, SoloFide’ needs your voice. If it has not been constructive to have a faith conversation in the public square, SoloFide’ needs your voice.

Grace doesn’t distinguish between any of us, it rains on all persons in more ways than we can name. So I birthed SoloFide’ for you, each one of you. Or, as I said to my kids, not I love you, but I love each one of you.  I wanted them to know my love was not divided but was all in 100% for each one of them.

So in the spirit of my faith ancestor, John Wesley, ‘Dallas is my Parish’. The reason I am birthing I want to love each one of you back to the table where your thoughts on faith are welcome. SoloFide’ is for persons who are spiritual and may be religious.

Dallas Skyline

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