The Story of Two Facebook Posts

social_mediaMost people would consider me to be a full participant in the social media dialogue. I am not sure where I fit on the spectrum that ranges from occasional to incessant post. I am sure the clandestine world of Facebook analytics knows.

Yesterday, I posted four times. Let me review my posts in reverse chronological order.

  1. My last post of the day was an Epiphany reflection on our half lit tree and how even the smallest light is greater than any darkness. It received twenty-two kindhearted responses.
  2. The next last post of the day shared some recent and important research from the Pew Group regarding Millennial’s feelings toward the church and how they continue to show a sharp decline in contrast to older generations. It received one comment from one of my older friends (Well, he’s nearly my age).
  3. My second post of the day was a paraphrase of Richard Rohr’s morning devotion. It spoke deeply to me as a man. It reminded me that three IMPORTANT MEN fell to their knees before the vulnerability of God–sleeping in straw among the animals. He clearly contrasted the image of the Three Kings to our 21st century masculine ways of bravado, machismo, along with other chest pounding masculine expressions. Two persons (women) liked it.
  4. My first post of the day thanked those putting together the list of places that will not allow open or concealed carry of weapons in their places of business, stating our intent not to frequent places that allow it. It received fifty-four likes and sixty comments that covered the many views on this hot topic.Gun Control

I am not surprised the issue of gun control brings about such a volume of responses; it’s a very important issue. What sticks in my gut is how two posts, less than ten minutes apart, were received. It seems to me the post that stirred up our anxieties was latched onto like a life impacting breaking news story. The post that offered what I believe is a remedy to what stirs up our anxieties was passed over like acned thirteen year old at middle school dance.

I will let you draw your own conclusions, because you will and should. I am not describing something that happens just on my Facebook page. These patterns are becoming more common in both our face-to-face and digital conversations. All I wonder is:

  1. What do you do so not to be distracted by the anxieties that stir all about us?
  2. Where do you turn to hear voices that apply salve on our overly concerned souls?
  3. How might we collectively reduce the growing anxiety of our culture that is easily stirred in these uneasy times?

Shalom-LargeI would love to hear about your peacemaking ways that soothe your soul and offer salve to your fretful world.




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  1. We are awash in postings. Don’t get disheartened, viewing depends on daily pressures and activities as does participating. I didn’t see all four of your posts in a timely manner; however, I do appreciate the ones I do see, albeit sometimes days later. Peace, brother.

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  2. Thanks for your comment, I am not disheartened, just interested student of the human condition and what stirs us.

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