A Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table 11-26-15A full luscious table with gifts from above

stirs up words of thanks not spoken often enough.

May our words of appreciation distinguish

the much of our lives is unearned and undeserved.

May those same grateful words compel us to share

the bounty of our lives across all lines that divide.

Until our more becomes less,

and our friends and foes whom experience less, have more.

All Four Kids 11-1-15

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The Morning Palette

16 Florescent SunsetA morning ray brushes against the darkness, bringing forth an amber glow.

As the early moments of the day tick off, the light penetrates further until there are only shades of the night.

Brighter hues are coming alive, darkness gives way to the low light of the morn, producing a paler shade of blue,eventually deepening until my eyes behold the beauty of the color we call sky blue.

The wistful clouds that float by are partners in this kaleidoscope of changing tints.IMG_2617

The birds that fill the morning air add just the right amount of graceful flight to the morning canvas.

And, I not only watch this symphony of colors majestically unfold while I look east, No, I am privileged to be included in the frame of this display of beautiful colors that make each new day unique.

I say thanks to the artist who I often take for granted, relishing in the privilege of adding my own colors to this work of art called a new day.


© Russell Floyd

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