Russell, Just Do It!

Richard Rohr Daily Meditation inspires me from time to time to personalize his words for my life:

FrancisIn the spirit of Francis, “I only know as much as I do”.  This places emphasis on action, practice, and lifestyle.

I feel 21st century faith communities long for a creative and courageous voice that moves beyond it is either this or that. I desire for a ‘Third Way’ that insures the message and the medium align.  Perhaps all of us long for voices that give greater emphasis to the medium itself, instead of always trying to clarify our verbal messages.

I want to be a gospel practitioners rather than a “word police,” or “museum curators” as Pope Francis calls some clergy. My orthopraxy (correct practice) must ally with my verbal orthodoxy (correct teaching), perhaps take precedent in this current culture. The importance of the practical implications of our beliefs should spur me to live with the question, “Am I doing what I say I believe?”

Emphasizing practice over theory by paying attention to what I can do is the order of this day.  Perhaps this will help me  escape from my incessant need to shore the “church”. Living inside the universal mystery of “church” means going out to serve the world, adopting a ”sidewalk spirituality”.  Justdoit

I am tiring of our modern emphasis on “community” as a  group of people in a building.  It feels like we have forgotten Jesus’ first and foundational definition of church: where “two or three gather in my name” (Matthew 18:20). Truthful and loving encounters always captures the mystery of “church’, regardless of size or who is present. The immediate experience of living on the edge of the church rather than simply running the church strangely warms my heart.

I will no longer offer criticism of others. Instead I will adopt the practice of just trying to do it better. If I really believe in the values I say I believe, then just put them into practice and no longer waste any time trying to point out the faults of others. As it states in the popular paraphrase of Francis’ Rule, “Preach the Good News at all times, and when absolutely necessary, use words.”

People May Doubt

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