Mirrors: The Good, the Better and the Beautiful

We avoid mirrors, fearful of what they might tell us about ourselves.  Yet, imagine a life without a mirror, a life never having the opportunity to see a true image of ourselves.  Perhaps, it is our negative feelings about reflected glass that keep us from fully knowing our True Selves.

Mirrors can be more than just a shiny piece of glass hung on our walls.  There are many other kinds of mirrors that reflect back to us who we really are.  No one person by themselves can exclusively mirror himself or herself.

Birth parents are mirrors in an infant’s life. Teachers who led us through our school days are mirrors in the student’s life. We are better able to be true to ourselves if we have many mirrors; including extended family members and a host of good friends who will tell us the truth in love about ourselves. Sometimes, we go looking for therapist, counselor or a guide to reflect back to us where we are at this moment of our lives.

Blessed are those who look up in the eyes of their many mirrors and receive the loving look of another. Fortunate are those who know someone that delights in him or her out of pure abandonment because they want to be sure they fell like they are affirmed. These kinds of mirroring experiences are what every person needs and will continuing seek it for their entire lives until they find it.

If we are loving persons today, it is likely we have seen love in the face of our mirrors.  If we have not experienced that kind of loving reflection from those in our lives, we must seek and find compassionate people or creatures to show us our own belovedness. Only then are we able to see ourselves clearly. Once we see our True Self, we can give away what we have received. In fact, we must reflect back to others what we have received for ourselves or we will lose sight of who we are.

Name and thank God for the gracious mirrors in your life who have reflected the requisite love every breathing creature must receive if they are to live well. Now, go and tell them and God: Thanks!

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