A Memorial Day Prayer: Offered at the 2015 City of Irving, Texas’ Service

Gracious and Ever Giving God,

Irving Memorial ParkOn this Memorial Day, we pause to reflect upon our blessings as a nation and the high cost of those blessings. We offer our prayers of thanks and intercession, remembering the many brave men and women who gave their lives throughout the history of our country to protect us from harm. We salute each person who served our country on our behalf. We particularly remember those who sustained injury in mind and/or body in the course of their service.Service to Country

Thank you for the freedom we enjoy, for opportunities to flourish, and for the security of our land. Thank you for those who have risked their lives for liberty: both for citizens of this land and for the sake of those in other lands who are straining to be free from all tyranny so they may realize the fullness of life, unfettered liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

VietnamMemorialwallWe pray for the families and friends of those who have given their lives. May they be comforted in their sadness. May they be reassured the sacrifice of their loved ones contributes to a worthy cause. May they entrust their ultimate fate into your gracious hands.

Thank you for a day set apart, for celebration and its solemn remembrance; considering the sacrifices of many. Make us more aware of how blessed we are as a nation, may our gratitude cause us to be more faithful stewards of your gifts, particularly the least and the last of your children.PrayforPeace

We know ultimate peace will not come until your kingdom is here in all of its fullness. Nevertheless, we pray for a foretaste of the future. We ask for the growth of peace throughout our world today, so that fewer men and women will have to risk and sacrifice their lives. This is our pray offer in the name of the Holy One who is both merciful and just! Amen.


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