Decluttering Our Lives

CLUTTERWe are to be householders who bring out from their household things both old and new” (Matthew 13:52). This allows Jesus to be a “winnowing fan” that separates the grain from the chaff in our faithful practices and traditions (Matthew 3:12). This doesn’t mean religious practices are all “grain” and the outsiders are all “chaff.” Laying all things before the gracious Spirit of Christ will broaden our love for God and neighbor, fostering a greater eagerness to expand the reach of our arms of love.

It all starts with a willingness to set aside what is old and unneeded; dying is an essential part of living. Yet, we have a tendency to resist change and fight off death, by propping up our unhealthy love affairs with our small and comfortable traditions. This is our way to maintain the status quo, which we all question in our more honest moments of living. Yet, letting go is a rare pattern for the human condition and even more so in the history of formal religion.hold lightly

We can know the deeper love of God and neighbor if we will release the old, so the new can enter. We must be willing to cultivate a life of contemplation that enable us to see with clarity what is real in our lives and what is not. Intentional introspection discards that which is passing, merely trending, or even destructive, so it can embrace that which is enduring and eternal.

Once our eyes are open, we can see our way so we might take courageous steps of faith away from those former ways and head ‘down’ into the well of God’s love. The deeper we fall, the more our hearts will be filled with greater love of God and neighbor. Over time, we find ourselves willing to go to new places, so we might meet new people, sharing that which we have received, a Fountain of Love that never runs dry.well_spring


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