Dealing with Me

WeAreWhatWeEatI tell our children, particularly when they eat the bread and share the cup they’re not to forget who they are.  They’re a child of God; loved in unending ways by God.  I fear fundamental truth escapes them because they’re told so many other contradictory messages.  They need to know that God who loved them so much, they were created by ‘The Breath of Life’ to be in relationship with all that is divine.  They need know they are sustained by the love of God at every turn of their life.  They need to know they will return to loving arms of God and live in a never-ending joy when this good life is done.

I’m convinced religion’s job is one primary thing: We’re to be constantly reminded in an objective fashion, who we are and whom we belong to.  Wesley insisted we eat the elements of the holy meal often.  He wanted us to share in it until we know we are what we eat-created from the dust of the earth and enlivened with God’s breath.boundaries

Parents, pastors, and all sorts of people plant the message God loves us unconditionally by setting boundaries in our lives.  People who offer constructive and positive feedback help us set healthy boundaries early in life. Otherwise, we will spend a great portion of our lives demanding affirming feedback, or bemoaning the lack of it.

We need boundaries because they provide a place to belong, which is usually called home-the place where we know who we really are.  Any longing to return home is a yearning to know who we are.  This is why it’s best if home is where we learn our boundaries.  We’re better able to we move beyond boundaries without unnecessarily dropping needed boundaries if know healthy ones. It’s within this paradox of knowing our boundaries so we can cross them that we carry the unchanging love of God into new places, where real growth occurs.

Woman Looking at ReflectionGrowth is facilitated if we associate ourselves to persons who mirror honestly who we are becoming in helpful ways because they honestly know who they are. Without these persons, we narcissistically mirror ourselves, seeing life through our own lens. Left to our own point of view, we rarely will muster the courage to break free from egocentric patterns that keep us from finding our way to new paths where growth can happen. When we let go of the unhealthy ego parts, we move beyond ourselves, becoming larger persons in a spiritual sense.

Let me invite you to join me in crossing some boundaries during this Lenten season with the help of a spiritual companion.  Choosing to be in relationship with spiritual companion who will love you warts and all sets the stage for you fall deeper in love with the one who loves you most.  I am engaging a spiritual director over these next few weeks as my commitment to deal with myself in this Lenten journey.  I am going to ask them to take my hand lead me into new spiritual waters.Companion

Who might be the person for you who has an unwavering love of you?  I am speaking of person who will help you sense the ever-benevolent gaze of God because of their fondness for you.  It might be a spouse, friend, grandfather, an aunt, small group or Sunday School class member or even a co-worker.

Mutual fondness with another person puts us in touch with the Jesus who calls us his friends.  I encourage you to seek a person who will help you feel the loving gaze of God is fixed on you, so you may be set free from unnecessary boundaries and unhealthy ego behaviors that hinder your spiritual growth. Rarely, is it other forces that get in the way of us experiencing the love of God.  Usually, it is me who is unwilling to make some personal changes in order open myself up to the force of love that wants to draw us closer to God who is love.  Always, when this breakthrough happens we feel like a child again.

Kori Dirks, Kolton DirksSome will have a hard time finding a person to mirror them.  It is possible that your longing to know more than what you know about yourself and the great need you feel to move beyond the person you know you were created to be, can stir up the amazingly penetrating grace of God.  All of us need to be reminded throughout this Lenten season the length the Holy Spirit will go to convey how much the Eternal God of Heaven loves us.  Let this sign of the cross be your first reminder of who you are (flesh) to whom you belong (heaven).

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