Empathy Sees Below the Surface

OLY-2014-SKI-ALPINE-SUPERG-MENNBC execs made a conscious decision to spin the Bode Miller story in all the alpine events to maintain viewers.  It is an emotional story that hooks the viewers needed to justify the large amount of dollars paid to air the Olympics.  This has to be at least one factor why they aired Christin Cooper’s interview eight hours after it was taped.

Decision makers will continue to say they are just telling the story and Bode approves.  They, like all of us, can be blinded at time by that part of our DNA, which defaults to a ‘survive in the herd’ mentality.   This is at least part of the reason they choose to ignore voices in the room that surely must there pleading for empathy.

I just learned the Greek word empathy (in-pathos; in the illness; or feel your pain) was first used in the English language mid to late 19th century.  Some suggest the word didn’t have fertile ground to grow among the Brit’s with their “stiff upper lip” demeanor or frontier folk‘s “pull yourself up by your own bootstrap mentality.empathy

I do not expect our culture to help us see below the surface.  A  community of faith exists for this reason.  What would happen if all churches helped all people see below the surface?

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