Wild Prey Yeilds Humble Poem

Chicken HawkLet me provide a little background so you can know what inspired my humble attempt at poetry.

We were in the pool at dusk; chatting with Erin, our daughter, who was visiting us from Chicago.  In the midst of a serious discussion, two large chicken hawks swooped over the top of our pool pursuing their prey, an innocent morning dove. They manage to wound her, but did not catch the emblem of peace.  They flew within inches of Terri’s bobbing head as she sat on her float.  I am sorry to report the dove didn’t make it, it fell helplessly into the pool and was DOA.Birds Metal

Both bully birds took offensive positions.  It seemed like they were ready to re-enact  the scene from Hitchcock’s classic, The Birds.  Terri had her eye on one chicken hawk perched on the roof and Erin and I are watching the other one sit on the fence  We are trying to take in what just happened and considering our next steps; not sure if they would attack again.

If you are expecting more drama from this tale, there is none.  They flew away  when I stepped out of the pool.   At least you get a poem called The Morning Yard


The morning yard is an aviary of flight as flittering fills the skies with a variety of life.  Is there danger, of course….for:

High above in the canvas sits a chicken hawk or two

In search of prey, especially at dawn or at dusk.

Even higher flying …

Are machines throttling passengers who think they have mastered the sky.

Yet, despite the unknowns and possible peril, it seems to be true

All of those who enjoy flights of fancy have greater freedom than we soil trodden folk.

We people of the land prefer to play it safe,

So, we don’t tumble or be rumbled by a friend or foe or chicken hawk giving it a go.

Maybe those Wright Brothers had it RIGHT!

We are meant to fly if we really want to go places

Despite the danger of being hung up like a kite.

Drawing near to the upper atmosphere offers a greater view of possible horizons.

Ready to be revealed if we will simply spread our wings and leap.

For life up high provides insight and light that can never be had from the land or sea.

So, I seek to be united to those creatures of the morning yard.

I just want to flitter away; allowing nothing to keep this winged person at bay.

Fly high

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