The Pen and People are a Funny Thing

PenI am not a poet and I know it, but

This morning journaling came out in rhyme.

So, I share it with you and this may be the only time.

People of every kind experience life

in so many ways on each and every day.

So, why are we so concerned that

all the crayons fit perfectly in the box?

Let’s just allow for a variety of different color socks.Socks

I have an idea: Let’s celebrate each person

For whom the Big Hand fashioned them to be

and then flung all of us across every sea.

Let’s gift each other with respect and a listening ear.

Let’s treat each one on this planet

like a sister or brother

or even a great aunt.

Listeing Ear DogWe can go beyond imaging how things may be different by

Engaging in a real conversation that:

Treats their presence as a gift ,

Inquires how they are, or

Simply offers them a lift.

These behaviors may sound human, but

If we will take time to notice,

They are more like the God we each cherish inside.

So, off to this day meet persons of every kind,Friend New

I look forward to discovering all the ways

Someone shows me the Divine and

How they are so interesting and even sublime.

© Russell S. Floyd

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