Passion Week: Opening Up for a Surprise

Cross simpleIt’s the Tuesday of Passion Week and many are involved in practices that help them consider the impact of the cross of Christ in their lives.  The deeper any of us move into the week, the deeper we can plumb the meaning of Christ’s suffering, sweetening the taste Resurrection Day.

My question of reflection during my morning listening time throughout all of Lent has been, “What might I let go, so to give the Spirit more room to work on or through me?”  It has been a good question for me, which has opened me up to a Hand more capable than my own hands.  An intentional time of reflection that involves more listening than speaking is good for the soul can surprise us and those whom we relate and serve. Open

I have invited the people of FUMC, Irving to:

  • Find time for silent reflective prayer during these days, so they can hear the voice of the Spirit that is always seeking to shape and reshape our lives from the inside out.
  • Be present at a Good Friday service, where they can consider the death of Christ and be made uncomfortable again, so all of us may anticipate Easter Sunday with even a greater desire.
  • Offer a gift of generosity on Easter Sunday that expresses their gratitude for our God who is graciously making all things new.

Surprise LucyI would love to hear of the ways others have been surprised by taking on these three habits of prayer, presence, and generosity for these remaining days of Passion Week 2013.

What might I let go, so to give the Spirit more room to work on or through me?

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