Passion Week: I Can’t Wait!

Truck StuckThe truck in the picture is stuck on the bridge blocking all traffic on Marsh Lane that desires to travel west on IH 635.  I was one of the motorists stuck on the bridge along with the cars behind me and those behind the truck.  Fifteen minutes later motorists began to let their impatience get the best of them.  I will spare you the details, but suffice to say, we aren’t generally good at waiting.

It can be difficult to wait patiently for Resurrection Day, not jumping too quickly to Easter.  But, passion isn’t something we microwave in our souls; it usually comes about after a long stewing.  So, I suggest a purposeful waiting as we breathe in each moment of the coming Passion Week.  One image that helps me do this is to stand outside myself so I might see things differently; giving God opportunity to show me a new way or the possibility of a new day.Third eye

Let me suggests ideas how to wait with a purpose by standing outside yourself:

  • Sit in daily silence until you hear the voice of God for that day.
  • Read the Passion stories in one of the gospels accounts; asking the Spirit for fresh insight.
  • Schedule a fast and share the funds you did not spend on food.
  • Call a person each day who you know needs a caring friend.

Standing outside yourself takes some practice, and practice is the reason for holy seasons.  Waiting with a purpose attunes us to the hidden hand God that is always at work while we wait.  Passion is not stirred by a “namby pamby” faith that weakly says while we wait, “It will be ok.”  Passion bubbles up when we wait with an assured hope God honors purposeful waiting with newness that comes only via a resurrection.

Cross simpleUntil that Day, we practice standing outside of ourselves and wait with a purpose


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