Let Love Show the Way

The thought of losing a child feels as if a spear pierces our hearts.  That haunting cry of David, in 2 Samuel 18 gives us the feeling he wanted to tell his regrets and express his love.  Absalom, Absalom, my son, my son! Would I had died instead of you!  O Absalom, my son! ”  But, because of the incident with Amnon, he couldn’t bring himself to share his feelings until it was too late!  Love unspoken is unknown and no good to the one loved.  This is an irresponsible love.

It doesn’t ever have to be too late.  The need to express love is always in the present tense.  The way we will love at FUMC, Irving is to take the risk and love vulnerably, even though it leaves us vulnerable.  We are a people of faith who trust in the grace of God that goes ahead of us when we freely offer our love.  We are making known the endless and consistent love of God by offering ourselves in vulnerable love.  Affirming that is what happens when we love, helps we navigate the trials of displaying vulnerable love.  Let love show us the way FUMC, it greater than any other force.

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