All Aboard!

I hope you have heard by now that I have been talking about what it means to think of FUMC, Irving as a Mother Ship.  If you have not, please know I want to have this conversation with every class, small group, committee, or any group that invites me.  Make sure your group finds a time I can share with you, soon.

This conversation will also take place in worship.  We will begin six week conversation this Sunday by focusing on some virtues that anchor our mother ship by walking through the life of King David.  We will see how the virtues he demonstrated in his life can help us hold steady in answering the surprising call of God in our church and lives.  The six virtues are:

  • July 22-Courage-1 Samuel 17
  • July 29-Loyalty-1 Samuel 24
  • August 5-Friendship-2 Samuel 1
  • August 12-Repentance-2 Samuel 11
  • August 19-Love-2 Samuel 18
  • August 26-Responsibility-2 Samuel 24

Also, one of you will be giving testimony in worship each week; answering the question-How you see one of these virtues building First United Methodist Church?  These six virtues are not exhaustive, but they are key anchors in the life of David, the Body of Christ, our church and lives; keeping us steady in our service.

We will be expanding the mother ship metaphor through the remainder of 2012.  Besides looking at what it takes to anchor the ship, we will:

  • Explore the administrative workings and existing ministries required for the mother ship to sail.
  • Take some missional adventure excursions.
  • Foster relationships with other persons or vessels, so Christ’s fleet becomes stronger in her witness.

Fellow passengers, the way forward is to sail together.  I challenge you to make a commitment to this trip, so in unity we can fully explore what our church can be and do.  Make a commitment to be present in worship for the next six weeks to celebrate the anchors of Christ’s church.  The waters may feel unchartered at time, but Christ is still at the helm.

All Aboard!


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