Who is in Control?

I like to be in control!  This silent mantra plays in my head, particularly when life feels out of control.  So, I fight for control; futilely trying to get things to return back to my normal. Recently, I have been examining my control issues as we walk among too many losses of good people in our family of faith, as Terri and I deal with family matters out of control, and as I watch events in the church I so dearly love.

I have been reminded control is the enemy of trust.  It causes us to have illusions. We really are not in control as much we think.  Consider, from the moment of conception we are carried along in a watery womb of warmth, nourished by a cord of love, all out of our control.  Even after coming into the light of day, we discover the same Cord of Love that formed us into being, holds us in throughout all the days of our lives in way that reminds we are not as much in control as we thought.

Life is more than what we make of it; because we are made in the image of our God who gives us life abundant.  Life is more than who we think we are; because we are defined by the gracious one who is the “I am”.  Life is more than what we act on; because we are lifted up by the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit who energizes our every action.

Learning “to be” and to “let go” are spiritual virtues.  I am re-learning these lessons by actively practicing trust in “Something” beyond me.  This means requires me to not be in control.

So, on this day when I and others feel out of control, I recall that every time in the Bible where it says, “Fear not”, we usually hear these words, “Peace be unto you.”  I can’t hear that enough in these out of control days.

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