Both Sides of Halloween

Great fun and revelry are planned at our house tonight on this hallowed eve.  I sit here writing this morning anticipating great merriment with our little monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils.  This is our first Halloween in the Munger District where we are told to expect 1000’s of kids.  I think we are ready.  Come and join the fun on Worth Street, but do bring a bag of candy.

I am also reminding myself on this day that this is the eve before the remembrance of all saints.  Ancient pagan traditions thought that on this day the natural and supernatural worlds were nearest in actual proximity.  Thus, by the 12th century, Christians thought this was the time to thank God for those who had passed to the other side because of this assumed metaphysical closeness.   

I too will draw a little closer today and this week to those who have gone before me to dwell in places only eyes of faith can see.  I am always struck when I list their names of the difference between saints and celebrities.  Our celebrities busy themselves branding their name on our culture; saints busy themselves branding the marks of God on this world.  A celebrity cannot be anonymous, but few of you would know my saints, nor would I know yours.  I may have to keep my distance from a celebrity, but I share a common ground with all my saints.

I will be laughing with joy this evening at the cute kids and awkward adolescents dressed as spirits and superstars they will never intimately know in their lives.  I also smile on this day thinking of some names of people whose living and dying drew me closer to them and God.  I thank God for ordinary folk who help us see we can live in an extraordinary way if we can trust the source of life comes from beyond us.


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  1. Very well said. Enjoy your time with the kiddos tonight. I can not wait until SUNDAY when we get to remember those who have passed @ FUMC and honor those sweet spirits.

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