Are We Heaven’s Victim or God’s Partner?

We are a nation full of steely-eyed determined people, whose founding was based on a hope no one would be our sovereign king or queen in our land.  The desire to be free of any singular political influence is deeply imbedded in the American psyche.  Yet, this foundational value has given rise to an overzealous individuality; filling our cities with a horde of little lonely monarchs who say they do not have to answer to anyone.  I join you in praying God will raise up persons who will help us recapture what it means to live responsibly with others in our free land.

I wonder how Western Christianity made up of rugged independence has so readily embraced the terrible theological idea that we are only putty in God’s hands and God does anything God desires to us.  I fail to understand how proud citizens of this land can think we have no more say about how God fashions us than clay has a say in what the potter makes.  We are citizens of Beulah land who were given a birthright when the Living God breathed into us the breath of life and stamped us with God’s image.  To imply we are non-essential since God is omnipotent and all-knowing and we’re impotent and know-nothings makes no sense.  Also, this breeds other bad ideas: like God causes everything (good and bad) to happen and whatever happens, happens for a reason and we have no right to say or do anything.  I am flabbergasted how this crummy kind of Christianity has imposed itself on a people who are self-determined to a fault.   

The problem in understanding God in this manner is we are left to think we have no opportunity to participate meaningfully in a relationship with our creator.  If God only works on us and we have nothing to offer God; God has no need to respond to us.  This makes us like a radio-controlled model airplanes rather individually shaped flying creations that are free soar with the Spirit as we are being shaped by the hand to God.

We have been given the privilege to partner with God to shape our world.  Where there is wrong, evil, or injustice God empowers us to offer remedy.  Where there is grace, beauty and God’s glory God invites us to name it and  bless it.  We are not victims to circumstances; we God’s fellow laborers (1 Corinthians 3:9)

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