Does God of Feel Raw Emotion?

When we read Jeremiah’s words in chapter 8, we see God has feelings.  It’s hard to know in this passage where Jeremiah leaves off speaking and God begins.  When it says, “My joy is gone; grief is upon me, my heart is sick.”  Whose heart is sick Jeremiah’s or God’s?  Maybe the point is we don’t know, because we are supposed to feel in the prophet’s pain what God is feeling.  God has wayward children and God is a wounded parent.  The living God runs the same gamut of emotions as our love for each other in human relationship.  In fact, a relationship with God is like love relationship: “If it’s easy, it’s sleazy”.  A real relationship with a real God will be real with real feelings and real live touch.  We hear God pour out painful words into the prophet’s heart to speak aloud the divine hurt.  “Why have my people provoked me to anger with their images and foreign gods?”  It clear in this passage that the gods we make in our own image are an affront to the God who made us in God’s own image.

Idols do not feelings. They sit on the shelf or on an altar after we have shaped them with our own hands, made them in our own image, and told ourselves they are always there for us.  They can’t talk back nor can they provide joy or ease our pain.  Idols require little and promise us much for our little.  The problem is idols are the product of our own creation; they have no capacity to act for or against us.  They are projections of our own desires.  They cannot give us anything; they can only take from us the life our true God wants to give.  So why do we prefer gods of our own making.  

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