Speak Up!

In Acts 2 God through the Holy Spirit performed artificial resuscitation on a room full of well-intentioned bumblers.  The Holy Spirit turned them into a force that changed history.  This story asks if we still believe that kind of good stuff can happen as we live our faith outside these wallsLet’s look.

The power of the Holy Spirit comes on the disciples.  They’re aware something is happening.  They do not know what, or what it means.  Yet they speak in languages, as the Spirit gave them ability.  They can communicate.  We don’t know if they were actual languages with foreign words or a language connecting heart to heart if not mouth to ear.  The remaining disciples were Galileans; they weren’t by reputation “learned” men.  They were fishermen, and their language was likely limited, if not salty!  The crowd gathered in Jerusalem was astonished at their speaking.  Are not all of these who are speaking Galileans?  “How can this be?” they wondered.  Some said they were drunk.  They said they were soused by the Holy Spirit, not by distilled spirits.  Rather than impairing senses and dulling their minds; God made them more acute and sharpened.  Rather than making their tongues thick and slow, the Spirit loosed them to speak.

The simple truth of Pentecost is they spoke.  Unlike some of us who claim to have a difficult time putting into words what is in our hearts.  We are scared to try because we fear being misunderstood; making things worse.  But, when we don’t try, we don’t give the Spirit a chance.  Pentecost says when we breathe in the Holy Spirit, we are meant to breathe out.  When that happens: shy people say audacious things; cautious folk become creative; introverts lead people; and those who typically stay to themselves build mentoring relationships that change lives.  Even, people who are as sour as pickles, smile.  I know it is hard to believe but there is no limit to what the Holy Spirit can do if you will quit holding your breath and use the gift of the spirit and open our mouths and speak the good news.

We are wary of those who appear to be building their own kingdoms in the name of the church.  But, at times we are so reticent of the gift of the Holy Spirit we quench the Spirit instead of being drenched in it.  We have tendency to treat the gift of the Spirit as if it were our own personal experience.  There’s nothing wrong with knowing the Spirit has come for you, but the Holy Spirit is not your private reserve.  The primary purpose of the Spirit is to make witnesses like these at Pentecost.  The Spirit gives power beyond ourselves to speak, even when we don’t know what or how to say it

Do you think Peter rehearsed his sermon at Pentecost?  It isn’t elegant in style.  He preached with power beyond himself.  He connected his experience of the Spirit with Jesus the Christ, and Jesus the Christ with the prophets.  He let it fly and his words hit the fan.  Instead of flying anywhere, the wind of the Spirit carried them where they needed to go.  3,000 were added to the church.  God custom fit the words to each heart.

Who is the spirit leading you to have a heart to heart chat?  Why have hesitated?  Are you afraid you will blow it?  You doubt your words will make matter.  If we stall and miss the timing and wait to rehearse our lines, we could miss the movement of the Spirit.  Our improved articulation helps, but it is the Holy Spirit who makes the difference.

When we speak in love, we’ve done what God asks.  Then we trust the Holy Spirit to do with our words what we cannot do.  God has given us the Spirit who is on the job translating and transforming lives through our words if we will simply open ourselves up and trust that gift.  Can I get a witness?

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