Busting out the Walls of the Church

This is an excerpt from a great article about new ways to engage our community by busting out of our walls.  I believe this is where the Spirit is blowing.  If you would like read the entire article Click Here

Unfortunately, churches have a spotty history of true collaboration across multiple domains in a community.  We’re not very good at collaboration, because we want to be the show.  If we want to drive the ideas and staff it with our people and invite people into the presence we’ve created, we may be missing cross-domain collaboration in the process. 

Real collaboration goes beyond selling a great idea to the city, and getting them to give us resources. We need to figure out how to convene and create cross-domain partners, not just targets or functional users. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, or put our efforts solely under our own label.  Whatever needs to get done in a community, there are probably community agencies already there.  Why aren’t we figuring out how to get behind the Salvation Army, for instance, to care for the homeless?  That’s the collaborative mentality.”

Here is an audio link to hear Warren Bird chatting with Reggie McNeal, of Leadership Network commenting on this trend.  Listen by Clicking Here


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