Changes Come Ready or Not

Sometimes changes come at us whether we are ready or not.  My mom’s 11 hour surgery on Wednesday and the finding of what could be some additional cancer has brought some changes in our family that could require some real adjustments.  The most immediate change it has wrought is expressed by her grandkids who want to know, “What are we going to do for Christmas this year?”  Of course the answer is, “We don’t know“.

My sermon based on the gospel text for the Second Sunday of Advent, Matthew 3: 1-12 started me thinking what I might say when the subject arises.  Here is what I am thinking.  This unexpected change may be a way we can mark this Christmas as more than just another family gathering of great gifts done in the name of commemorating Christ birth long ago.  This is time of in our family and for our kids and this kid (me) to:

1. Clean out of some cluttered traditions.

2. Tune ears to the carols of the season words.

3. Think a bit more about giving to grandma than what we might       receive from her.

John, the Baptizer says to me and my house, if we will receive this gift of change, the Christ child can rock our souls and can give us the best gift we may have ever received on any Christmas.  So I am not out of line when I say to Advent people-“Repent, the Kingdom of God is near and getting us ready for Christmas!

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