Advent 20/20 Lenses

Advent is not for “Pollyanna Optimists”.  Advent is best experienced by “Realistic Idealists”.  Advent kind of folk read the signs of life’s decay, that are as ever-present as the evening news and as personal as our own skin, as signs of this world passing.  At Advent, we don’t stop at of our decaying ways.  Instead, we look beneath and see signs of hope that God is doing something new.

Jesus said, “When you see the fig tree or other trees sprout leaves, you know that summer is near”. (Luke 21:30)  When we look around in East Texas we see the trees have turned their colors and the leaves have fallen.  (Thanks to Tom Green for the photo.)  As the beauty of this fall season passes, we are seeing signs of decay and death set in for the season of winter.  Even on this day in December, it is possible to see beneath the piles of leaves and the roots of the barren trees, to see signs which point to the hope of spring.

This is a metaphor which describes the work of Advent.  Advent people possess a hope throughout the period of waiting, knowing we will again be treated to buds and blossoms.  Advent people notice signs of what is to come.  Count me in, I will not allow the realism of this world’s decay rob me of hope.  I am looking beneath and beyond what is wasting away with a hope, which refuses to miss any promising sign of the coming of God.

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