What If…..? (Thanksgiving Thoughts)

The formative American story of Thanksgiving is recalled by school children and history buffs each year.  I read again this morning how a band of Puritans set out on the Mayflower for Virginia only to get blown off course and come ashore along Cape Cod.  The winter was much worse than they expected and by April only fifty of the original one hundred and two had survived.  A serious discussion arose on whether those remaining should return to the Old World.  The decision was made to stay and plant a few acres of corn and barely.

When the time came to observe their first anniversary another discussion arose on how it should be observed.  Some proposed a day of mourning, focusing on all those who lay in unmarked graves on foreign soil.  Another group proposed a day of thanksgiving for the fifty who had survived, the crops which had been harvested, and the Indians who had become their friends.  We all know the rest of the story.  What would be different in our country if those Pilgrims had chosen to mourn rather than give thanks?

It started me thinking, what would be different in my life if I chose mourning as the music of my life, rather than a repeated refrain of thanks? It caused me to sit down and make my thanksgiving list.  I plan to check it twice as these holidays unfold.  Makes me wonder what might be different if gratitude sings the loudest song throughout the remainder of 2010?

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