A Variation on Sisters and Brothers

Dear sisters and brothers:

Holidays and family gatherings are synonymous.  The Thanksgiving table and the Christmas tree bring families together like no other dates on the calendar.  Families who are blessed with the ability gather on these days will express gratitude for each other.  This is a gift no person should take for granted.

There are those who will not be able to be with family during these times for a variety of reasons-distance, discord, death, etc.  They will look elsewhere to create family during this season.  We can thank God that there are so many creative ways to find family during the holidays.

The coming holy days initiated my thoughts concerning church family.  I recall being in churches where everyone called each other brother this or sister that.  It is likely if this was your custom you probably grew up poor.  Once people get money they like to be known by their family name in church.

The reason churches called each other Sister Gladys and Brother Herb was to remind them that flesh and blood does not inherit the kingdom of God.  Nobody gets to take a last name to heaven.  The family of destiny takes precedence over the family of origin.  It is difficult orienting life in this way because it interrupts our familiar familial ways.

We all know spiritual sisters and brothers whom we need to make room for at our table during these seasons.  Imagine how much a new family member might add to the festivities.  Brother Juan or Sister Imogene might just be just what the family needs.

Our big brother Jesus is adamant there will always be room at the kingdom table and enough spiritual grace to go around for all.  Also, a new addition to the family gives another reason to bow our heads and offer thanks to our Heavenly Father for the gift of all our sisters and brothers.

Time for me to get busy setting the family table,


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