Spending a Lot of Time with Family Lately

If you grew up in a church where everyone was brother this or sister that you were probably poor. Once people get money they like to be known by their family name in church.

Churches call each other Sister Gladys and Brother George to remind themselves that flesh and blood does not inherit the kingdom of God. Nobody gets to take a last name to heaven. The family of destiny takes precedence over the family of origin. It is difficult orienting life in this way.

I have just spent some intense hours with my family in the hospital learning my mother has more cancer. We clinged to each other as we processed the news. Now it is Sunday and off to be with the church family even though I would like to be with mom. This morning I will just need cling to sister Martha and Brother John and others as we commune with our big brother Jesus.

Off to spend some time with family.

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  1. I’ve been to church my whole life and have never heard it expressed this way. Thanks, Bro!!!

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